Muhammad Iqbal


South Korea is a country which is gradually facilitating incoming groups of migrants with different approaches including the social aspect of it. This literature reviews that the three biggest migrant groups in South Korea: foreign brides, migrant workers, and international students have major problem in the process of social integration in South Korean society. Therefore, different efforts in social welfare focusing in multicultural program are provided to each category of migrant that also differs depending on the needs of one another. Foreign brides receive the most attention compared to other groups covering programs such as facilities, services, and multicultural programs. Regardless the problems faced by foreign brides, they receive different programs including treatment recovery program, counseling, legal and medical aid. Meanwhile, migrant workers is not included within the long term strategy of the government therefore the coverage is less than foreign brides. Lastly, international students are considered as the group of educated migrants in which the programs are mainly covered by their respective institutions. 

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